2007_11_accessari.jpgYesterday afternoon, an Access-A-Ride car crashed into a tree and light pole in Queens, killing an 80-year-old passenger and injuring the driver and two passengers. The car was on the Juniper Boulevard North near 62nd Avenue; the driver apparently swerved to avoid an oncoming car.

One witness told WABC 7 the accident was "pretty bad," noting, "The whole top [of the car] is gone." The Access-A-Ride driver had a valid license and passed a Breathalyzer test.

Access-A-Ride provides transportation for people with disabilities who are unable to use public transport; it is administered by the NYC Transit Authority. Last year, an Access-A-Ride van hit a pedestrian in the Bronx. The van was found abandoned and its driver arrested for assault and leaving the scene of an accident.