If you haven't taken your air conditioner in yet (really? Have you noticed it is January?) the NYPD has a good reason for you to do so ASAP. Especially if you live in Hell's Kitchen. According to the police a burglar has been breaking into apartments in the area by pushing in air conditioners and crawling through windows.

According to police from the NYPD's Midtown North Precinct "all the incidents occurred between West 43rd and West 53rd streets and Eighth and 10th avenues. Most have taken place between 6 and 11 p.m." though the fact of the matter is such crimes could happen anywhere. So seriously, take in your A/C or, if that is impossible, make sure it is properly secured!

In the Hell's Kitchen case in particular, the burglar isn't just pushing in window units. Police believe he's getting buzzed in by tenants, going to building's roofs and then climbing down fire escapes before he pushes in the ACs. Further, if you have any information on the burglar, the NYPD would love to hear from you at Crime Stoppers (800-577-8477).