The 33-year-old lawyer accused of killing his girlfriend in a rage was arrested at a diner in White Plains last night. Jason Bohn, who had a history of abusing Daniell Thomas, was charged with Thomas's murder, plus aggravated criminal contempt, criminal contempt and tampering with evidence. And the Post says that he apparently sent text messages to Thomas' friends from her phone, after killing her.

Police discovered the body of Thomas, 27, in an ice-filled bathtub on Tuesday. But, the Post's sources allege, Bohn "sent a text to one of victim Danielle Thomas's contacts early Sunday morning after her friends expressed concern over her well-being, a source said... Thomas, 27, was already dead when the messages went out and that Bohn kept her body on ice in their Astoria bathtub until cops found it on Tuesday night."

One of the texts said, "Please trust me," and Bohn, pretending to be Thomas, allegedly wrote that she was fine and was going to the gay pride parade. The Post reports, "Thomas’ friends said the messages from the Weight Watchers exec’s phone included words and phrasings that Thomas never used, the first source said. 'She never talked like that,' the source said. 'That’s something he’d say.'"

Police Commissioner Kelly had said that Bohn called cops, saying, "we had a dispute, I threw her against the wall and somebody should go check to see if she's alright." It was determined that Thomas was killed by strangulation and blunt force trauma. Thomas, a financial analyst at Weight Watchers, had been brutally beaten by Bohn in late May and when she appeared at the 114th Precinct to ask for a restraining order in early June, her bruises were still evident. While at the police station, police could hear Bohn yelling at Thomas through her cellphone, "It’s war! I’ll dedicate my life to hunting you down like a dog in the streets. I am going to make your life impossible."