2005_09_drlove.jpgTwo women are suing a fertility specialist, Dr. Khaled Zeitoun, for posing as a single man on Yahoo Personals and luring them into sexual relationships - even though he was really married with three kids. Jing Huang and Tiffany Wang have filed suits against Zeitoun for causing them emotional distress. Wang's lawsuit says, "Zeitoun claimed that 14 years prior while he was in Egypt, the devil had taken his soul...He claimed that he made a deal with the devil that he would never get married. Zeitoun claimed that he never regretted that decision until he met Wang." Hell, Gothamist would like to sue for emotional distress just for hearing that line. When reporters called him, Zeitoun laughed and said, "Is she suing someone because he romanced other women?"

The Post helpfully explains that Zeitoun is "pronounced like Satan" and includes the cultural component of the doctor's relationship, with one of the spurned lovers' lawyer saying that since Zeitoun is married to an Asian woman, "he knows their religious and cultural background" to prey on the Chinese and Taiwanese ladies. Because all Chinese women are the same! Now, Gothamist doesn't know the exact details, aside from the stuff in the tabloids, about the relationships, but if people could sue for relationships that caused us emotional distress, the legal system would go into gridlock. Yahoo Personals probably has legal disclaimers to protect their ass... Gothamist can only imagine Zeitoun's lawyer will try to use that in court.