A cat who was the victim of a sudden attack in Brooklyn is looking for his furever home! And he's so sweet.

In March, the cat, who was called Nancy, was apparently kidnapped from the basement of Bedford-Stuyvesant bodega on Fulton Street by Salah Zaid, who then chased the cat into a Chinese restaurant, wrestling with the feline and then knocking it into the eatery's walls. The cat was thrown into a kitchen, and a restaurant employee told the Daily News, "He was crazy. He opened the door and the cat came inside. He beat the cat, he smashed the cat, he threw the cat against the wall."

Zaid was arrested and charged with animal cruelty, while the cat was taken to the ASPCA, where the staff discovered the cat was actually a year-and-seven month-old male cat and named him Fulton.

He spent time in the ASPCA Animal Hospital's intensive care unit and was later moved to the Animal Recovery Center for continuing care. Now Fulton is ready for adoption; the ASPCA says, "He’s a very sweet, outgoing boy who enjoys meeting new people. He has some interest in toys but mostly prefers to cozy up to a human companion and get a few of his favorite treats."

"From day one, Fulton was a sweet, trusting cat who allowed the ASPCA staff to provide him with all the medical care and enrichment he needed to recover, " Howard Lawrence, Vice President, ASPCA Humane Law Enforcement, said. "Despite what he’s been through, Fulton remains open to meeting and playing with everyone he meets. Animal Recovery Center staff will certainly miss seeing him each day, but look forward to finding him the safe and loving home he deserves."

The ASPCA recommends interested potential adopters to meet with ASPCA Adoption Center staff at 424 92nd Street in Manhattan. For more information on Fulton, you can call 646-291-4500; for information about adopting, visit the ASPCA's website.