wxch_sfc082008.jpgThe first line of the Weather Service's forecast discussion contains all you need to know about the forecast "High pressure will remain over the region through Sunday." There is no chance of rain and barely the chance for a cloud to appear for the next several days. The high will be to the west of the city today and tomorrow, allowing lots of cool dry air to filter into town. The high today will only reach the mid 70s. Tomorrow's high may creep into the low 80s.

As the high moves east of the city tomorrow night the winds will shift to come out of a more southerly direction. Friday should be slightly warmer than normal with a high around 83. Saturday and Sunday are currently expected to warm to the mid 80s. The next chance of rain will be late Sunday night.

Following Monday's post on 90 degree days several commented that this summer has been cool and wet. You might think so given the recent weather, but memories are hazy and heavily biased toward remembering what has happened most recently. The rainfall since June 1st has been just about average. Temperatures have been running 1.5 degrees warmer than normal. Of the last 76 days, 42 have been warmer than average, four have been exactly average and 30 have been cooler than normal. Almost half of those cool days have happened in the last three weeks.

This morning's surface weather map from the Weather Channel