That bright orb in the sky is the sun! The sun will be out, without interruption, until about 8:30 this evening. The sun will return around 5:30 tomorrow morning and will again shine uninterrupted until 8:30 in the evening. The same thing will happen on Sunday. Happy Father's Day to all you dads!

But, wait, there's more! The sun is expected to be out all day Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and probably Friday of next week. You may thank high pressure over the Canadian Maritimes for all this sunny goodness. High temperatures will be near 80 today and tomorrow and are expected to dip into the mid 70s on Sunday and Monday.

You know, the temperature hasn't reached 90 degrees since early last August. That may change next week as this high pressure system moves and the wind starts coming out of the south. Tuesday should warm to the low 80s and Wednesday, the summer solstice, should be