The L train is growing older, crankier, corroded-ier, and as it hurtles toward the dark abyss, it's not going gentle into that good night. No, our beloved but frail L train, like a plucky Great Aunt who's just reminding you that she won't be around forever, doesn't want you to take its final moments for granted. To ensure that, the L line will partially take off more than a dozen upcoming weekends—including every single one this month—ahead of the total shutdown between 8th Avenue and Bedford Avenue in April. In case that's not enough, you'll get occasional tastes of misery, entirely unplanned and unannounced, in the days in between.

Soon enough, you'll look back on these moments fondly, realizing you never knew how good you had it:

According to the MTA, this morning's "absolute nightmare" comes courtesy of a Manhattan-bound train with a broken door at Bedford Avenue. The busted door, which no one seems to have seen, triggered evacuations and unexplained standstills, and left commuting North Brooklynites in the dark about whether their trains would ever make it into the city (they would not). For about 30 minutes, the MTA wouldn't say what was happening, as their shiny new app showed "good service" and their communications-focused conductors promised false salvation.

It did not help things that all of this started at 8:30 on a Wednesday at the busiest stop on one of the busiest commuting lines serving many of the most aggressively online people in NYC.

There was also apparently a second door problem at Wilson Avenue, contributing to delays that continued well into the 10 o'clock hour. We've reached out to the MTA, and will update if we hear back.

In the meantime, just keep reminding yourself: One day you're going to miss this.