New York High Schoolers, here's your Gothamist Health back-to-school checklist!

1. Pencils, #2 naturally
2. Trapper-Keeper with unicorn, racecar, or Nelson brother of your choice
3. Antibiotics to chase away what you did on your summer vacation?

The NY Post reports today that 9% of girls and 2% of boys tested in 5 Bronx and Brooklyn high schools (in neighborhoods with high STD rates) were infected with the popular STDs, chlamydia or gonorrhea. This is based on a Health Department study (performed on the QT) which will be extended into the school year. The testing will provide "confidential" and voluntary screening and is based on a simple urine test without any uncomfortable "swabbing." Screening seemingly healthy but at high-risk students is essential, as most of the infected would have no perceivable symptoms.

Chlamydia and gonorrhea are bacteria, which which mostly infect the genitourinary tract. And if caught and treated early enough, their infections are fairly benign. But if left to rage on their own, these buggers can go on to lead to such complications as pelvic inflammatory disease (a nasty fulminant infection extending from the cervix to the ovaries), ectopic pregnancies (pregnancies occurring outside of the uterus), infertility and sterility. Men with untreated infections can develop urethral strictures.

If you had too good a summer and think you may need a free and confidential pop-quiz yourself, here's a list of clinics around the city.

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