The Department of Buildings has issued a demolition permit for the abandoned hospital at 100 Castleton Avenue in Staten Island, where a teenage boy fell 7 stories down an elevator shaft to his death last Friday.

According to police, officers responded to a 911 call at 4:40 p.m. last Friday, to the former site of Staten Island Hospital, which has stood empty since 1979. There, they discovered 16-year-old Marcos Castillo with severe head trauma. He was declared dead upon arrival at Richmond University Medical Center.

ABC reports that an emergency demolition order was issued for the site about eight months ago. However, the Department of Buildings did not issue a permit for the demolition until Tuesday, following Castillo's death.

"If they... [broke] down that building before, my son could be alive, but now it's too late," his father Jorge Rivera told NBC. "Why they wait too long?"

The hospital site, which received a Department of Buildings complaint in July 2009 for being "frequented" by "kids," has a pending foreclosure judgement that has accumulated millions in liens, according to the Staten Island Advance.

The 17-acre property cannot be sold until it is foreclosed. The Advance reports that city officials have floated the idea of turning the site into a new public school.

In 2011, the city demolished another building on the abandoned-hospital site—a brick castle with four turrets that was built in 1899, and served as the borough's first volunteer hospital.

We have reached out to the Department of Buildings for comment, and will update with any further information.