Babies who just can't wait to become born and bred New Yorkers are being delivered more and more frequently by cesarean section these days, reports the Daily News. C-sections are most common at New York-Presbyterian Hospital Columbia, where almost 40% of all births are via the scalpel. Other hospitals with high rates include St. Vincent's in Staten Island, Cornell on the Upper East side, and Flushing Hospital in Queens.

About 28% of all city births were via C-section in 2004, up from 24% in 2000. Hospitals claim that the rise is owing to a higher percentage of high-risk deliveries thanks to older mothers, mothers carrying twins, and mothers with prior C-sections. Mommies-to-be also seem to be big fans of the procedure, one that can be scheduled as per their convenience determining exactly when junior would arrive. However, critics say MDs are all to eager to perform C-sections because of worries over law suits that can arise in the setting of normal labor and delivery as well for the higher pay outs.