Thanksgiving is past and the holiday deluge is upon us, which means in addition to braving Black Fridays, Cyber Mondays, holiday shopping villages and Salvation Army santas, the tipping season is nigh. But lo, with it comes that age-old question: who to tip and how much? Not everyone can live in a no-tip co-op. And New York being as expensive as it is, national advice on the matter often comes across as almost quaint. Luckily for the curious, the Internet has answers.

For a broad outline of who to tip and with what (cash? gift? coal?) there's no surprise that Emily Post has some strong opinions (write a personal note instead of justing handing over cash stands out to us). But if you want a bit of Gotham-centric service journalism, BrickUnderground's extensive tipping guide for apartment dwellers, which includes anecdotes from ten Manhattan doormen, tips for both doormen and residents (i.e. the former shouldn't count their cash in public and the latter should know that the former are making a list, and checking it twice, of how much they get tipped each year) and even more general tips on holiday tipping (apparently the total amount a resident spends on tips ranges from $300 to $3000).

All of which leads us to wonder: do you give holiday tips? How do you decide who to give to and how much to give?