statue_tornado1976.jpgSunday is the first day of Spring. The vernal equinox will occur at 7:33 in the morning. Will you be waking up in time to see the Sun rise directly to the east?

Trick question! Sunday looks kinda wet. A little bit of rain, a little bit of snow, a little bit of both. Tomorrow is the much better choice if you have outdoor activities in mind.

With the pleasant, if cool, weather the past few days Gothamist completely overlooked that this has been Weather Hazards Awareness Week. Topics have included severe thunderstorms, severe weather safety, tornadoes and flash floods. The city Office of Emergency Management offers advice on how best to minimize your risk to these hazards.

Before we forget, next week is Flood Safety Awareness Week.

Photo of the July 7, 1976 tornado from the National Weather Service