2005_10_ny1.jpgMother Nature is giving us a big warm treat today. Our Halloween temperatures will reach the upper-60s to possibly even the mid-70s. Still warm, but with a few clouds and a breeze tomorrow. At the moment it looks to Gothamist like tomorrow's clouds and wind will be the most exciting weather of the week. Sunny skies and slightly above normal temperatures should be the rule. It's a bit too soon to make an accurate forecast but the weather for the NYC Marathon on Sunday is also looking good – a cool morning, a few clouds, and a high of around 60.

Despite the nice turn in the weather we would be remiss in not mentioning that this week is, gulp, New York State Winter Weather Awareness Week. Today's topic is winter weather preparedness. The State Emergency Management Office has a winter safety overview that looks like crap in Firefox and Netscape but okay in IE. You know the drill, dress warm when it gets cold, stay inside when there's a blizzard, don't put your tongue on a light pole if it's really cold outside, etc. Gothamist can't get excited about winter yet, how about you? Tomorrow's topic: Heavy Snow Events! And for our readers west of the Hudson, don't think you're off the hook. The New Jersey Winter Weather Awareness Week is November 14-18.