You may have read recently that if you're under 27, you have never experienced a world with a colder-than-average month. This is true if you use 1901-2000 as your base period for averaging! Because local temperature swings of individual locations get balanced out when averaged over the globe, we wondered how long it has been since New York was last cooler-than-average. As you can see on the graph, it's only toddlers in New York City that have never lived through a cooler-than-average month. January 2011 was 2.6 degrees Fahrenheit, or 1.4 socialist Celsius degrees which is what the graph is in, cooler than the average 20th century January.

Unless it warms up soon we suspect this month will also wind up colder than that long-term average. No significant warming is in sight as a big high pressure system centered over northern New England doesn't appear to be moving. Today and tomorrow should see mostly clear skies with highs in the lower 50s and lows around 40. That's pretty much exactly average for this time of year.

An ever-so-slight warming is in store for the latter half of the week as that New England high finally starts edging eastward. Wednesday and Thanksgiving Day may see highs closer to the mid 50s. Friday may warm to the upper 50s for your shopping pleasure. What looks to be a dry cold front on Saturday will make for a cool weekend.