While Gothamist greatly enjoyed Michael Slackman's NY Times article about fringe NYC politics, because it shed some light on the emerging power of independents and the fascinating background of co-founder Dr. Fred Newman, we decided we loved it most for the 1990 photograph by Angel Franco where you can see a very fat Reverend Al Sharpton. Earlier this year, the NY Times talked to the Reverend Al about his diet and even had photos of him exercising on a Swiss ball, but we didn't realize how much weight he's actually lost. What a way to motivate Gothamist at the beginning of the swimsuit season!

Speaking of dieting, did you realize that Ben & Jerry's has a pint-lock for your pints of premium ice cream? Of course, the pint containers are made out of paper and Gothamist has been known to do extreme things for sweet, sweet ice cream, but that's besides the point.

Photograph by Angel Franco for the NY Times