Murder scene at the A train; Photo: Daily News

A man on an A-train in Queens yesterday was shot dead by two assailants, who were then chased by police. Police believe the victim, Shamel Garrett, had resisted a robbery attempt, and when the train pulled into the Far Rockaway station, the robbers shot him in the back. The injured Garrett had stumbled into another train car, causing panic amongst other passengers. Plainclothes transit policeman at the station chased the robbers, but one officer fell down the stairs and suffered a cut on his head. The other police officer managed to grab one of the perps, 17 year old Mark Ebanks, but injured his knee. The second suspect, 23 year old Raymond Burney, was apprehended this morning after a manhunt. Police are still trying to understand if there was a connection between the robbers and victim.