An A train derailed on the Upper West Side earlier this morning. According to ABC, the derailment happened near the West 81st Street station in Manhattan just after 9 a.m. Dozens of straphangers were evacuated; no injuries have been reported. It's unclear what caused the derailment, but it certainly was an unusual : "Derailments are extremely rare events," MTA spokesman Charles Seaton told us. "The cause remains under investigation."

People took the train troubles in stride: "Due to the train derailment on A/D track this morning, I was able to spend $45 on a [cab] to get to Brooklyn for work on time. #soblessed," tweeted Brittney Morello. Others saw this as a sign of MTA chief Joe Lhota somehow having his eye off the ball: "So the head of the #MTA wants to be mayor, but the #Atrain derailment was a disaster this morning! No thanks dude!" But at least it didn't cause any Back To The Future 3-esque scenarios.

According to MTA, the A and D trains are running local from 125th Street to 59th Street in both directions. The C train is suspended from the Euclid Avenue Station to the 168 Street Station in both directions as well.