tuesday low tempsOh, snow, why did you tease us so? Did you see the snow this morning? Gothamist saw a few scattered flakes. It was a bit of a letdown after the tantalizing promises in yesterday's forecast. Given the record temperatures on Friday, the few flakes and cold air today are an episode of Extreme Makeover: Weather Edition. Saturday was the last of a nine-day run of warm air in which temperatures averaged ten degrees above normal. Not that it warms us up any this week but the first eleven months of 2006 are tied with 1999 as the seventh warmest January-November period on record.

This week's weather catchphrase is cool confusion. The Weather Service and the Weather Channel temperature forecasts are in agreement on the general trend, but differ by several degrees every day this week. The mercury didn't crack the 40 degree mark today, and will struggle to do so tomorrow. With clear skies and dewpoint temperatures almost in the single digits, the air will cool rapidly tonight, giving us our first freeze of the season. The Weather Service is calling for a low of 27. It would not surprise Gothamist if it got several degrees colder than that. If you've got plants outside bring them in or they'll be mush in the morning.

Wednesday and Thursday will be the warm days this week. We should see highs in the mid-40s as the winds blow from the south around the back side of a high pressure system. There's a slight chance, nothing serious, for a few more snow flakes Wednesday night. The chill returns on Friday.

Low temperature forecast map from the National Digital Forecast Database.