Lucky for Circle Line passengers that touring around the island of Manhattan on a Circle Line boat means that if something goes wrong, you're not too far from civilization. Tourists enjoying a three hour Circle Line tour had to evacuated the boat when it hit something in the East River near Harlem. The Fire Department helped the passengers to shore in the Bronx, where they needed to cross Amtrak train tracks (Amtrak halted service for a few hours) to get to buses that took them into Manhattan. The FDNY said the boat was never in danger of sinking, though four feet of water had to be pumped out. Tourists were given tickets for a Circle Line tour on another day, which was bum luck for tourists who were leaving today (they need to write in for a refund). What caused the leak is still unknown, which makes Gothamist wonder if there's an East River version of the Loch Ness monster. But it was probably some corpse's cement feet.

Check out what you can do on a Circle Line cruise, but Gothamist is a fan of the Staten Island Ferry. And the Real Gilligan's Island - are they kidding us?