accuwx_0703.jpgWe're hoping this morning that our Gothamist readers have forgotten all about how we said there was absolutely no chance of rain on Friday. It wasn't much rain! If nothing else this weather prediction teaches a person humility. Even with Friday's brief, intense rain last month fell well short of overtaking 1989 as the fourth wettest June on record. Fifth place isn't so bad. June's temperature wound up slightly below normal, the first cooler than normal month this year.

The humidity is here with a vengance this morning. Dew points have crept up to 70 degrees this morning, which is somewhere between yucky and gross. It may be mostly sunny right now but the combination of high humidity and a stalled-out, dying cold front just north of us adds up to clouds and possibly showers this afternoon into tonight. An excellent day to visit the new Lizards and Snakes exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History.

Tomorrow looks like a cloudier repeat of today. Afternoon temperatures will be in the mid- to upper-80s. Showers and thundershowers are looking likely for the fireworks, as another cold front, this one currently over the Great Lakes, moves in. The front will provide us with cooler, drier air toward the end of the week.

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