Alex Rodriguez, fresh from his fancy experimental German knee therapy, has been spotted in Boise, Idaho with former WWE wrestler Torrie Wilson. According to various witnesses, the pair have been seen at the local gym.

A-Rod's dating history since breaking up with wife Cynthia Rodriguez has been notably full of blondes, from stripper Joslyn Morse to Madonna, from Kate Hudson to Cameron Diaz. All the women seem to be in very good shape.

A local Boise TV anchor, Mike Murad, told the Daily News he saw A-Rod working out with Wilson at a gym in Boise. When Murad asked if he could take a picture, A-Rod said no, "I’m trying to keep a low profile." Murad still took one though! (Murad also Tweeted today, "Wow! I was interviewed by the New York Daily News last night. Apparently some people are interested in this story").

Wilson was in the WWE between 2001 and 2008. According to Wikipedia, "Wilson's most high profile storyline during her first few years with the company was in 2002/3 when she feuded with Dawn Marie. In the angle, Dawn Marie attempted to marry Wilson's real-life father Al Wilson. Dawn also revealed that she had developed feelings for Torrie, and the two shared an on-screen kiss. Dawn even offered to cancel the wedding if Torrie would go to a hotel with her for the night. Despite this, as part of the storyline, Dawn developed feelings for Al and the two got married on an episode of SmackDown! in their underwear." And yes, YouTube does have Torrie and Dawn Marie's kiss:

Wilson recently Tweeted, "Merry christmas eve! Jesus is the bomb-diggity!!! So happy to be with family & friends ;)"