People magazine only looked at Alex Rodriguez's batting average during his romantic involvements with Madonna, Kate Hudson, and Cameron Diaz (his current girlfriend/whatever), so the Post decided to offer a comprehensive look at how well the slugger does with his various blondes—adding ex-wife Cynthia and stripper Joslyn Morse (she of the "Stray-Rod" cover) into the mix.

The Post says, "Yankee fans thirsting for first place should urge Alex Rodriguez to reunite with Joslyn Morse, the blond bombshell who busted open his marriage during the 2007 season," because "his brief stint with Morse brought out his best game... The slugger had an explosive swing while hanging with Morse, swatting a home run every 11.7 plate appearances and smacking an average of .880 RBIs per game. The Post revealed their late-night meet-ups on May 30, 2007, but the get-togethers dated to at least the start of season -- a 50-game span." But keep in mind A-Rod was still married to C-Rod at the time, so maybe he does better when he's got two ladies' attention?

As for Hudson, even though the Yankees won a World Series while he was dating her, but "A-Rod posted his worst batting average, .286, and was second-worst in average home runs per appearance and only third in RBI output."