Hey, do you remember that A-Rod fellow? Plays third for the Yankees, ran into some scandal a few weeks ago then hurt his hip? Sound familiar at all? Just in case you hadn’t had enough of Alex Rodriguez, here comes the latest — an interview with Details magazine that confirms more of what we already knew; the guy absolutely doesn’t get it.

Start with the bizarre photos — did he really have to kiss his own reflection? Then you get to details like A-Rod calling up the interviewer because he was worried about revealing what his favorite Madonna song was. The day he worried about this just happened to be right after Selena Roberts confronted him with the steroids accusation. Guess now we know why he didn’t tell anyone on the Yankees about that, he was worried the world would learn that loves “Borderline”.

In the interview Rodriguez also says that he occasionally rides the subway to the stadium in a hoodie (does anyone believe that), "I've taken the subway to the stadium. For night games. The day to do it is a Friday, because traffic is horrible." There's also a priceless quote from his manager, "He really hasn't had the chance to show people who he really is."