2007_11_arodcoverdn.jpgIt looks like Alex Rodriguez is set to come back as a member of the New York Yankees...and for less money than what they were rumored to be offering before. The former Yankees 3rd baseman is reportedly hammering out a 10-year, $275 million contract with the Yankees. Sources tell the Daily News that a deal could actually be worked out in the next 24-28 hours. So much for the 10-year, $350 million offer the Yankees had to put on the table just to talk to Rodriguez.

If the $275 million figure is correct, it would, on average, be less than the money the Yankees were offering in October. Back then, before the opt-out, there were talks of a 5-year extension at about $30 million per year. The post thinks the new deal would be front-loaded so the Yankees get a discount similar to the $21 million then had from the Texas Rangers on the last contract.

Despite the reports of discussions, some say don't trust A-Rod until the deal is actually done and that he's using the Yankees as a negotiating tool. Perhaps, but without agent Scott Boras at the table, maybe Rodriguez is actually negotiating in earnest? After all, he did profess that he and his wife both love New York.

Even if A-Rod does come back, will Yankees fans welcome him back in April? We say yes...with a chorus of boos. Until he hits that first home run, that is.