With "juicy" details being spilled from the new biography of Alex Rodriguez by Sports Illustrated writer Selena Roberts, publisher Harper Collins has decided to move the book's release up from May 12 to this coming Monday—hey, it's #1 on Amazon for sports books. Today the Daily News offers these bits: He "was an insecure prima donna who made a clubhouse attendant load his toothbrush with toothpaste after every game in his three seasons with the Texas Rangers" and "During a series in Texas, Roberts writes, A-Rod went to a sex club while his wife, Cynthia, pregnant with their first child, was at home in New York." Newsday says, "The book also accuses Rodriguez of tipping pitches to opponents during blowouts and that he expected those players to reciprocate when he needed a hit and it would not affect the outcome of games." Newsday adds that the book's allegations meant that Joe Girardi's pre-game press conference was mostly about A-Rod, though there was a swine flu question.