blackmirror_Patrick57.jpgBlack Mirror by Patrick57 on Flickr

Ah, rain. After a two-week dry spell, punctured by a few drops over the weekend, the city is finally getting a good soaking. This comes as welcome relief for anyone suffering from tree pollen allergies. The rain is also a relief for those of us who climb the stairs in Morningside Park every day as the urine stench was getting to be a bit much.

The rain should last at least until tomorrow morning. A warm front approaching from the south is providing the moisture while an upper level disturbance from the west is making the air unstable. The combination of the two will produce periods of showers and thunderstorms until late tonight. The rain could be heavy at times with some locations seeing two inches or more of rainfall. Today's high will be in the upper-50s.

The chance of rain will diminish tomorrow morning and the sun may poke through the clouds by afternoon. Slightly more seasonable temperatures are in store with a high in the lower-60s. Wednesday promises to be sunny and cool, to be followed by another bout of rain on Thursday.