Last week we all learned the new Apple store would be opening in the Meatpacking District just in time for a holiday spending spree. Since then, eager Mac fans have been stalking the place at night -- trying to get a glimpse into the shiny new tech haven.

Today we went inside for a sneak peak at what has to be the nicest of the three Manhattan stores so far. Upon entering you'll be greeted on the "Mac floor" by the concierge team, wearing light blue shirts and helping you navigate the three-story shop. There are helpful Applebots just about everywhere, and the store boasts 175 employees in all. Expect patrons and internet-less folk to be surfing the net on the ground floor, while others flock to the staircase.


Housed in a beautiful old building in the Meatpacking District, the centerpiece of the store is this glass staircase. While there is also one in Japan, this is the first to climb 3 floors in an Apple store (and we're guessing Steve Jobs likely has a design patent on them). At the top, on floor 3, you'll find their service level, this is where the Genius Bar is -- boasting 100 customer per hour capacity. Falling short of being the longest Genius Bar in the country by just 4 feet, it makes up for it's physical shortcomings by having 50% more total technical support space than any other store. This is also where the pro labs are, where they expect the creative types to gather.


In the midst of it all is the 2nd floor which will host all of the iPods, iPhones and iGottaHaveIts, as well as third party products. Just don't expect to purchase any of those things, or get any Mac emergencies solved post-Midnight, that's when they close up shop.


The latest in Apple's takeover of NYC is located on W 14th St and 9th Ave, and will open tomorrow at 6pm.