Something depressing and revolting didn't happen yesterday in Brooklyn, where a kitten was discovered quivering and mewling in the underbelly of a Mercedes-Benz. In a shocking departure from other current news events, the kitten was not burned alive or forced into an animal hoarder's basement packed with malnourished, rabid rottweilers. The car's driver did not collide head-on into a bus full of orphan schoolchildren, nor did the kitten turn out to be racist (so far, anyway). No, the video you are about to see is so damn heartwarming we suspect it was actually filmed four years ago.

The individual who uploaded the video to YouTube, one "PHokis PHilms" (if that even is their real name), noted that the kitten had mysteriously taken a ride from Queens before it was rescued in Brooklyn.

That's all we know. And that's all we want to know. Kitten Rescued. Humans Kind. Video Viral. It is what it is, and what it is a sweet little reminder that some people will still go out of their way to do the right thing. (Except hold their phone sideways when taking video jfc.) Helping other living creatures is the right thing to do! Let's maybe try it with fellow humans, too?

UPDATE: We're told the kitten scratched the back of someone's hand and will be destroyed.

UPDATE 2: Kidding. The kitten will outlive us all and feast on our remains!