The NYC Special Narcotics Prosecutor's Office last night released photos taken as part of the "Operation Ivy League" raid on alleged Columbia drug dealers earlier this week—and they don't exactly help the kids' case. (We do appreciate the Cognitive Neuroscience book found in Michael Wymbs' room.) Meanwhile two of the five Columbia students charged with running a drug ring out of the Ivy League school's dorms and frat houses have posted bail, while the remaining three are locked up in separate cells in the Manhattan Detention Facility (initial reports had said they would be sent to Rikers—and they still could go there if they don't post bail). When the Daily News asked one of the free kids, Christopher Coles, about the bust cops called Operation Ivy league yesterday he told them that "this whole thing has been exaggerated. It's been blown up to the umpteenth."

Coles wouldn't discuss the charges in particular, but did point out that all five pled not guilty. Further, 20-year-old anthropology and political science double major charged with criminal sale of marijuana said that "going to Columbia was my dream, and I plan to finish." He also said that co-defendant Jose Stephan Perez (aka Stephan Vincenzo) was only wearing a Columbia sweatshirt because the NYPD put it on him when he asked for a jacket. It did make for a good photo-op, we guess.

Meanwhile, the Columbia Spectator reports that the three frats affiliated with the bust (Alpha Epsilon Pi, Pi Kappa Alpha, and Psi Upsilon) were placed on interim suspension and have been told to "cease all activities—including recruitment, initiation, and social events—pending further review."