When we heard yesterday that the formerly "secret" tennis courts at Grand Central Terminal reopened, we immediately dispatched photographer Sam Horine to get total coverage. Here, then, is a full photo tour of the Vanderbilt Tennis Club, which includes a full-size tennis court, two smaller practice "alleys," a fitness facility, lockers, and, by the looks of it, a very clean and tidy reception center where you pay up to play. As we mentioned, prices during the day range from $90-$250, and high rollers can also arrange for private lessons on the full court for $160-$195 per hour.

Horine notes that the club is "buried up on the 4th floor so unless you knew about it, you'd never find it." But now the secret's out, so if you have some money to burn and want to hit some balls in a train station, you know where to go. Power to the people!