2005_03_austinpowerspump.jpgGothamist always thought that penile enlargement surgeries would be things best kept to the patients. But when a patient sues his doctor, surely he could have predicted that the NY Post would get their paws on the malpractice suit and go to town. With his name (Eric Neuberger) printed! Neuberger claims that before the 2001 surgery, he "could engage in intercourse approximately 30 to 50 times a month, and after the surgery, he was only able to engage in intercourse once a month." Really? Intercourse 30 to 50 times a month? Huh. The Post adds "Neuberger said his new limitations forced him to drop out of school — and even hurt his musical ability. His suit did not elaborate." Let Gothamist make some far-fetched guesses: Was he having sex with his musical instrument? Was he at a male escort school? The doctor, Robert Barron, thinks that Neuberger simply injured himself during sex - seems like the penile enlargements need to come with instructions!