Wow. The Post today points to one of those crazy stories, broken Thursday in the Staten Island Advance, that just makes you scratch your head in wonder. Last month a young woman from Newburgh, NY woman named Shonelle Melvelle-Grant was charged with trying to hire a hit man to kill a former friend, Jessica Liriano, so that she could take custody of the Liriano's 8-year-old daughter Kiki. She allegedly even went so far as to pay a hitman a $50 down payment for the hit (is that seriously the going rate for hit these days?), though unbeknownst to her the hitman was an undercover cop!

Melvelle-Grant, who has two children of her own, had been obsessed with KiKi for quite some time. In 2002 she was arrested and charged with misdemeanor unlawful imprisonment after she baby-sat KiKi and failed to return her to Liriano for three days. That earlier incident led Liriano to move to Staten Island (on Elm Street no less!).

Melvelle-Grant was allegedly very vocal about her desire to off Liriano and enlisted her friends help in finding a killer. The friend instead contacted the police who sent an undercover cop to investigate. It is unclear how exactly Melvelle-Grant was expecting to gain custody of KiKi, but curiously enough she seemed to have absolutely no interest in Liriano's son Andrew. Crazy.

Bridge Behind Bars by lornagrl via Contribute.