082208trans.jpgThere was plenty of buzz Monday about Radar's investigative report on $2,000 an hour hipster hookers, but that wasn't the week's only close-up on the oldest profession. A bit further down market, to say the least, the Villager's Laurie Mittelmann pals around with transgender street walkers in the West Village: "While shoes may also pain the feet of males and females, underwear can present unique problems for pre-operation transgender women. They want foxy little numbers, but still need to cover bulging male genitalia." And just like the author of the Radar story, Mittelmann also turns down a paranoid john who approached her for "'rocks and sex.' Apparently, he thought there was a chance this reporter was an undercover cop. 'You’re either going to hook me up with some fun, or hook me up in cuffs,' he said, licking his lips and kneading his pants." Demonstrating enormous self-control, Mittelmann somehow resisted his charms.