The NY Sun likes the newly opened West Midtown Ferry Terminal that has opened at Pier 79, which is at West 39th Street. Sadly, the article is premium or we'd give you more details of the architectural critique, but the structure is a glass structure (designed by William Nicholas Boudova & Associates) that is next to two brick ventilation towers. Two weeks ago, the NY Times had an article about the project, which was spurred by government interest in increasing ferry service for commuters. Yes, anything to keep cars from coming into the city. The breakdown of money to fund the project is: $38.4 million from federal agencies; $12.3 million from the city; $3.3 million from the state; and $2 million from New York Waterway, which will operate the ferries for now (the state is so cheap!). Anyway, the ferry terminal has been open for a couple days now - and the NY Waterway also operates sightseeing cruises from there as well.

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