Governor Pataki and Mayor Bloomberg officially unveiled plans for the new Moynihan Station yesterday. Pataki heralded it as a "magnificent gateway for New York," and Bloomberg proclaimed, "The Daniel Patrick Moynihan station is another example of the spirit to build big and build grand, redressing one of the most tragic architectural crimes in the city's history." You can read more about the crime of razing the old Penn Station here at Wikipedia.

The project, which costs over $800 million, will bring in over 10,000 temporary jobs and over 3,000 permanent jobs; the facade will start its restoration this year, and the construction within the building begins next year, with the station completion by 2010 (though we expect it to be more like the 2010's). Of course, the NY Landmarks Preservation Group is thrilled, as is Moynihan's daughter Maura who has been fighting to get this project off the ground for a while. Curbed notes that the new building's roof is undulating, versus the previous scalloped roofline (seen here).

You can see images of the new Moynihan Station here at NY Loves Biz. And Mayor Bloomberg is really short, especially when he's next to Governor Pataki.


Photograph by Newsday