With New York City consumed by news of the impending Amazon apocalypse, we turn once again to New Jersey, where a birthday-suited bandit has reportedly been peering into people's homes for months, scandalizing locals with his naked dancing.

According to ABC 7, residents of Hillsborough Township have spotted this "peeping Tom" on at least two separate occasions: Around 7 p.m. on November 1st, one resident of Meadowbrook Drive looked out her back door to find a man staring back at her, totally nude save for a black wig, black shoes, and a bandanna pulled up to cover his face. Surveillance video captured him mid-dab, with his head hidden in his bent elbow, like so:

Surveillance video reportedly shows the same man sneaking around another Hillsborough house (this one on Triangle Road) at around 10 p.m. on September 14th, although the detective handling the case was not immediately available for comment on Tuesday afternoon. Still, area teen Kyle Kauffman told NBC 4 that he and his friends "didn't know what to think" upon spotting the streaker in November. "We were like, 'Did you see that?'" he recalled, adding: "It looked like he was on drugs, he was running through backyards."

The suspect may be the very same naked man two other residents spotted on separate incidents in July and September. On July 31, one local said she went outside to find a nude dude crouching in her bushes. "What are you doing?" she yelled at him, according to NBC 4. The woman added that, with his cover blown, the lurker "kind of froze and turned around, trying to move away, obviously." He remained completely silent the whole time, she continued: "Not a word came out of his mouth."

According to Patch, a subsequent police search turned up "fresh bicycle tracks" cutting through a nearby yard, but neither hide nor hair of their bare-cheeked suspect.

The other incident occurred on September 28th, when a man "exposed himself to a resident of Columbia Common," according to ABC 7, but authorities do not presently know whether or not this incident could be related to that of July 31st, or if either of those involve this naked dabber. We will update if we hear back from the Hillsborough police.