A mysterious voice has appeared on NYPD radios twice in the span of a week, making threats to kill a Midtown South precinct captain, as well as getting some yodeling in, according to multiple reports.

The first reported instance of the threats came this weekend, after cops heard a man's voice over the NYPD radios on Saturday making a false report of an officer being shot in the Bronx, according to CBS. After that, the unknown radio hacker started asking for the Midtown South precinct captain over the air and when he got a response, told the captain, "South Duty captain to Central. Remember you put me in jail? I'm out now and I am going to put a bullet in your head" and "Captain, Captain, oh Captain, oh Captain, oh Captain, oh Captain I'm gonna put a bullet in your mother too, son."

The Midtown South captain asked the caller where he wanted to meet, and he told police he was in the Times Square Walgreen's, then challenged them to find him, according to PIX11. The man then started yodeling and making nonsense noises over the radio until he was blocked by a dispatcher.

That was it for the weekend, but police sources tell the Daily News that the man's voice reappeared on Tuesday night just before 9 p.m. to make the threat again: "Manhattan South captain; I'm still gonna put a bullet in his head. I'm in Times Square. Come find me."

Police have insisted that the threats weren't credible from the start, but are still investigating them, and are trying to determine if the caller has been using a lost or stolen police radio. It would not be the first time someone got their hands on a police radio and sowed some chaos, but at the moment, the caller seems content to just threaten a single officer as opposed to make false reports around the city.