2006_08_millbasin.jpgIn June, 17 year old Paul Zaccaria went missing during a jet skiing accident in Mill Basin. And yesterday, his body was finally found, just a few days after another teen, 16 year old Aristotle Plagianakos, was arrested and charged with recklesness, leaving the scene of an accident and speeding in connection with Zaccaria's death. The Daily News reports that there were discrepancies between Plagianakos' story and eyewitness accounts, and the NY Times says that some witnesses saw his water scooter hit Zaccaria's. Others say that Zaccaria had "fishtailed" and sprayed other riders before he was hit, perhaps raising the question whether Plagianakos was trying to get back at him.

The Times added that Zaccaria's family had been visiting hospitals since the accident up to Friday, hoping he was still alive. And when the Coast Guard announced they were looking for Zaccaria, they noted that he was not wearing a life jacket and asked all boaters to wear them as it can.