There's nothing quite like that pristine shot of your Land Rover backdropped by crashing waves and sand—Instagram was designed just for such commodity fetishism, after all. Unfortunately, the ocean is a fickle tableau, and sometimes it tries to eat your car. Behold:

The above fate befell one man at the Jersey Shore yesterday. According to NBC New York, the gentleman was attempting to take "scenic photos" of his SUV at Island Beach State Park. It seems he drove the car up to surf level, but then it got stuck as the tide rose, so he tried to dig ol' Rover out with a shovel. Here he is again:

Eventually cops and a tow company were called, and though I was not aware one could legally drive their car into the sea, apparently the unnamed gentleman had a Mobile Sportfishing Vehicle permit and was within its legal parameters.

He was not issued a summons, the tow company freed his car from succumbing to Davy Jones' Locker, and he drove off, with witnesses noting his car's "lights were flashing and its engine was making strange sounds." That's not exactly the best thing to hear about a motor vehicle, but hey, it could always be worse.