Photographs by Nathan Kensinger

It's unclear what the fate of 19th century rowhouses near the Brooklyn Navy Yard, originally built for high-ranking officers of the U.S. Navy, will be, as some are looking to demolish the historic but dilapidated homes while others are hoping they can be saved and preserved. Photographer Nathan Kensinger headed in for a rare look inside the homes and wrote:

This strip of six buildings was abandoned by the Navy in the 1970's and left to decay. Today, the interiors of several buildings are in a state of irreparable collapse. Fires and rain have destroyed roofs and floors while squatters have left mountains of debris. Vines and trees have moved indoors. Windows and walls have exploded inwards. Entire floors are missing.


However, some of the buildings are in remarkably good condition. Their staircases, light fixtures, plasterwork, shelves, mantlepieces and wood floors are only in need of polish and paint. The beauty of these architectural details, when compared to the complete devastation in other buildings, is a stunning indictment of the Navy's neglect.

Photoblogger The Kingston Lounge also has interior photographs, showing decaying beauty.


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