SnowAmt2_newyork.jpgGothamist has a confession to make: we did not pay attention to today's forecast. We did not hear that it was going to be cold today. We did not hear that it was going to rain and snow today. We are going to be cold and wet on the walk home this evening. But you don't have to be cold. You don't have to be wet. Why? Because you're reading the weather on Gothamist and we keep you warm and dry like a Gore-Tex blanket.

Right. Expect drizzle, rain, fog and showers through tomorrow night. North of the city there is a winter weather advisory in effect because an inch or more of snow may fall.

Yesterday's high temperature was 54 F. If you watched the forecasts change last week you'll see that called the warm and sunny weather before either of the other forecasters.