This week will have a little bit of everything for all you weather freaks. Want snow? We got it! Rain? Wait a few hours. Sleet? Maybe. Freezing rain? You'll have to drive up into the Hudson Valley for it, but that's close enough. And that's just today's forecast. How about some warm weather? Yes, that's happening tomorrow. 60 degrees? Could happen on Wednesday. A rare January thunderstorm? Probably not happening here, but maybe down near Philadelphia. Strong cold front to make us forget that it was nearly 60 on Wednesday? Let's pencil that in for Thursday.

The streak of cold weather is over. The temperature stayed below freezing, and more than ten degrees cooler than normal, for five straight days. Despite that chill January will wind up much warmer than normal. Today we've got a low pressure system over the Great Lakes that's dragging a warm front through the city. Snow has already started falling as that warm air tries to ride over the cold high pressure system near the ground. As the warm air gets closer the snow will change to sleet and then rain. North of the city, where the ground is frozen, are likely to see freezing rain, making traveling hazardous. Any significant rain in the city should fade away sometime this evening.

Tomorrow will be mostly cloudy, with maybe a stray shower and a high in the mid 40s. The warm front gets fully through the city by Wednesday when we are likely to see a high in the mid 50s to near 60 degrees. A strong cold front on Wednesday night will remind us that winter is still around. Thursday's high might eek into the lower 40s but Friday and the weekend look to be sunny and chilly with highs in the mid 30s.