The testimony for the NYCLU's lawsuit agains the NYPD for the subway bag searches has ended, and after reading the NY Times article, it seems that both sides pull out the stops for crazy quotes. NYPD did admit that the bag searches occur very rarely, but tried to scare Judge Richard M. Berman. Deputy Commissioner for counterterrorism Michael Sheehan said, "There is no doubt in my mind that the introduction of bag searches - even though it's random, even though it's not 100 percent - dramatically improves the security posture of this huge, sprawling subway system, which I believe is a top-tier target of Al Qaeda right now, even as we speak. " Gene Russianoff, whom we know and love for repping the Straphangers, used various subway rider polls as evidence, to show rider skepticism about the worthiness of bag checks. Judge Berman responded, "I have a high regard for democratic input, but do you think that's the way to design a counterterrorism program?" and that does bring up a good point: While the straphangers can point out flaws with subway surveillance, we're probably not that qualified. But this makes Gothamist wonder if possible roles for a Citzen Patrol Person (something we've seriously contemplated if only for a bright orange jacket) would be to work with the NYPD to design New Yorker-friendly martial law tactics. Closing arguments for the lawsuit are on December 2, and Judge Berman may issue a decision before the end of the year, possibly in time for the tourist influx known as New Year's. [Related: The NYCLU's updates on the trial]

The Observer says there's fear people won't vote on the Transportation Bond Act next week because Bloomberg is expected to win. Maybe the supporters should have created a TV ad with Al Sharpton salsaing on a subway. And the E train, not the L, makes the gossip pages, as Lloyd Grove reports that an E-train riding Adrian Grenier doubted that anyone has actually been mugged for their cellphone on a subway. Then Grenier asked someone if the E stopped by Columbus Circle. Oh, silly Adrian, only the A and C go to Columbus Circle - the alphabet lines there are the A, C, B, and D.

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