dp_buckeyewx.jpgAfter bounding up the Morningside Park stairs this morning Gothamist could see our breath in the air. We assumed this was because the humidity had increased rather than the corn flakes we had for breakfast. Sure enough, the dew point temperatures had creeped up to over 50 this morning. That's not very humid in an absolute sense, but it does signal that summer is, hard as it is to believe, on the way. Another warming sign is that there's a chance of a thunderstorm tonight and a greater chance for one during tomorrow morning's commute. It probably won't be much of a thunderstorm if it does occur but we can hope.

June 1st, only three weeks away, marks the beginning of hurricane season. To get ready next week is National Hurricane Preparedness Week. The National Hurricane Center is going to kick-off the week with hurricane history lessons. That will be followed by discussions of hurricane hazards, hurricane forecasting and how to prepare yourselves in the event of a hurricane.

Dew point temperature map from Buckeye Wx