US water vapor image source: Ohio State UniversityThis morning Gothamist was reading an AccuWeather story on Hurricane Jeanne's likely path. We were saddened by the non-literate nature of the story more than its content. Jeanne's path is described as "somewhat uncertain," that a high pressure system will block a northward "escape path," and that Jeanne may "impact" Florida. Gothamist wonders, somewhat uncertainly, from what Jeanne is escaping when she impacts Florida. Maybe we are being curmudgeonly, but this sort of writing makes us cringe. More importantly, it makes us focus on the writing instead of the forecast.

Also making us cringe is our forecast. AccuWeather and the Weather Service both predict that thundershowers are likely this afternoon into the evening followed by a good chance of heavy, flood-inducing rain through the night and into tomorrow. The moisture from Ivan, combined with a slow-moving cold front, will be impacting us. Gothamist's plan? Go out and get plastered tonight, sleep until the rain stops tomorrow afternoon, and then have a hot pastrami sandwich "breakfast" at Katz's.

By the way, we love this morning's satellite image from Ohio State University. The image is from the water vapor channels on the GOES-12 satellite. In it you can see how Ivan is dying a rapid death. The reds represent dry air. You can see how Ivan is pulling dry air from Canada down to the Gulf Coast and then up into the heart of his circulation (follow the link above to see a larger image).