Considering that grandparents are doing it, Brett Favre is doing it, and even Republican congressman Chris Lee is doing it, maybe it's time someone taught everyone the responsible, safe way to sext. And that someone is Fox News, who offer their indispensable guide to the do's and dont's of sexting today. And this hot tutorial is sure to GYPO quicker than you can even type that unnerving acronym.

The whole article is stuffed to the brim with sext-affirming explanations and advise, but here are some highlights: five surefire reasons why sexting is good ("If you are still in the flirting stage, it can help you to ease your way to the next step"), a list of common sexting acronyms (IAYM: I Am Your Master, IWSN: I Want Sex Now), and the five great dangers to avoid ("Delete. Delete. Delete. When you’re done playing, delete your conversation. It may be fun to look back at your naughty repartee later, but it won’t be any fun at all to explain to your kids").

We're not really sure why your kids would be snooping through your sexts, but we have now learned that there's a very thin line between a MOSS (Member Of The Same Sex) and a MOOS (Member Of The Opposite Sex). The article also neglects to give credit to the most persuasive argument for sexting, the Sexting Diet.