There have been an abundance of teacher sex scandals in the last year alone, from teachers who Facebook flirted with students, to the teacher who wrote about her past as a sex worker; from teachers hooking up in janitor closets, to regular old teacher-student liaisons. So how can parents reasonably discern the horndog homeroom teachers from the eggheads?

Christwire has put together an incredibly handy guide for recognizing those secretly sex addicted teachers. The picture above shows "how sex obsessed teachers fall into certain categories. These are people incapable of keeping their libidos in check and who lack the moral foundation necessary to interact with children. Their faces speak volumes of secret desires!" On the satiric site, you can also find several other helpful graphs, including one that breaks down hypersexualized “vixen" Pamela Rogers into her individual parts, including her "'See Me in Study Hall' Eyes," her "Post Coitum Posture," and her "Delicate, Moisturized Hands to 'Stimulate' Learning."