Aye, the easterly wind... Weak low pressure southeast of the city means we're in for several days of dingy gray weather. The ocean winds will produce a thick blanket of stratus clouds which will keep the temperature nearly steady in the upper 40s to lower 50s through tomorrow. To add to the rawness there may be periods of drizzle or light rain between this afternoon and Tuesday morning.

A brief visit by a high pressure system will stop the rain but not the clouds. Temperatures should rebound nicely to at least the upper 50s behind the high on Wednesday. Thanksgiving Day looks to continue the warmish trend, but rain is likely as a storm treks this way from the Midwest.

Cooler air is expected to arrive by the end of the week. Saturday might possibly be the first cooler-than-normal day in almost three weeks, with a high only in the upper 40s. Still, it now appears that below freezing weather will wait until December. While Friday currently looks like it will be rainy, the sun should return by Sunday.