2005_09_unpic.jpgNext Wednesday will be the 60th session of the General Assembly and the 2005 World Summit at the United Nations. Which means New York City is gonig to be under some serious security and gridlock for three days. As it will be the "largest single gathering of world leaders in history next week," there's a hell of a lot of planning going on at the city and federal levels. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said, "It will be a General Assembly like no other," and Secret Service agent A.T. Smith told Newsday, "I don't think we've ever been more prepared because there was a lot of emphasis placed on the fact that this is the highest-attended General Assembly in history." Which means that with 227 heads of state (plus an ex-president, like Bill Clinton) in the mix, there will be street closing, vehicle searches, even more subway security, a seven mile no-fly zone, and tons and tons of police officers on the street. Okay, now Gothamist understands a little better why the U.N. had to advertise its apologies.

The Newsday article also raises the hair on our neck a little with a mention about "terrorists' flair for symbolic attacks" with this Commissioner Kelly quote, "We're cognizant of the fact that the London subway bombings on July 7 coincided with the opening of the G8 Summit in Scotland. So naturally we are preparing accordingly." Sigh. It's going to be a long weekend - September 11 at the start, World Summit at the end. Maybe there will be some good protests of President Bush in there over the handling of Hurricane Katrina.